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From Paul’s Sūtra Studies in India with Desikachar and Ramaswami

This Yoga Sūtra Freenotes aspect of the website now offers Sūtra by Sūtra translations, they will be further developed over time through added interpretations and commentaries from my word by word studies of the Yoga Sūtra with the two longest serving students of the eminent T Krishnamacharya, especially my root Yoga teacher TKV Desikachar.

Here you will find a verse by verse translation of each Sūtra, Chapter by Chapter, from Saṃskṛtā into English, from my many personal Yoga lessons, in their homes in India with my Sūtra teachers TKV Desikachar (1979-2003) and S Ramaswami (1979-1985).

In the spirit of Patañjali these translations will now form the basis for expansion with commentaries and notes utilising the online Saṃskṛtā glossary with meanings and cross references.

The aim is also to present the Sūtra using ‘proper’ Romanised Saṃskṛtā and over time adding देवनागरि (Devanāgarī) script as part of the web interface. I feel strongly that we need to be able to appreciate how the vitality and poetry of Yoga concepts is an inherent aspect of correct pronouncing.

In this instance I feel it to be more vital to correctly write and thus sound vibrationally terms relating to states of Mind such as Duḥkha, rather than states of Body such as Uttānāsana.

A Sūtra study workbook with a verse by verse translation and word by word index for various chapters are included as part of the Module Manuals for all students participating in Yoga Studies Personal Sādhana Sūtra Psychology Workshop and Course Modules.

They are offered with gratitude for what this learning has helped lead me towards.