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The Art of Sūtra Psychology

Clear your Flow Exploring Awareness within Mind and Emotions

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This Yoga Sūtra Freenotes aspect of the website now offers Sūtra by Sūtra translations, they will be further developed over time through added interpretations and commentaries from my word by word studies of the Yoga Sūtra with the two longest serving students of the eminent T Krishnamacharya.

Here you will find a verse by verse translation of each Sūtra, Chapter by Chapter, from Saṃskṛtā into English, from my many personal Yoga lessons, in their homes in India with my Sūtra teachers TKV Desikachar (1979-2003) and S Ramaswami (1979-1985).

– Chapter One Sāmadhi Pādaḥ with its 51 verses on the View
– Chapter Two Sādhana Pādaḥ with its 55 verses on the Means
– Chapter Three Vibhūti Pādaḥ with its 55 verses on the Fruits
– Chapter Four Kaivalya Pādaḥ with its 34 verses on the Goal
– Yoga Texts & Freenotes Online Romanised Saṃskṛta Word Glossary

This text, as with many texts in the Indian Tradition of Transmission, was originally learnt through chanting as well as study, to aid heart level learning.

In the spirit of Patañjali these word by word translations will be complemented by Yoga Sūtra Study Quotes Collected and Collated as commentaries from Krishnamacharya, Desikachar and Paul.
– Krishnamacharya’s Yoga Sūtra Quotes
– Desikachar’s Yoga Sūtra Quotes
– Paul’s Yoga Sūtra Quotes

A Sūtra study workbook with a verse by verse translation and word by word index within each chapter are included as part of the Module Manuals for all students participating in the Online 121 eModules.

They are offered with gratitude for what this learning has helped lead me towards.