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The Art of Upaniṣat Mysticism

Feel your Self as Being within the Essence of the Ultimate Reality

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From Paul’s Upaniṣat Studies in India with TKV Desikachar.

My contact and involvement with the Upaniṣat in the 1980’s, apart from the more usual casual contact through teachers quotes and vague readings in the 1970’s, was surprisingly through neither practice techniques nor textual study.

I actually became exposed to the Upaniṣat through the practice of chanting. In fact the very first chant from the Veda that Desikachar taught me was the first verse from Chapter Two of the Taittirīyra Upaniṣat. I still have a recording of my shaky attempts in that lesson from 1984. This extended over time to chanting the entire 31 chapters of the Taittirīyra Upaniṣat, and then included learning to chant other Upaniṣat.

Thus it was through Chanting that my relationship with the Upaniṣat deepened and the context and understanding of these texts were absorbed somewhat differently than I was expecting in terms of the more usual method of studying a text.

This then extended into textual study of portions of some Upaniṣat with TKV Desikachar within a more general context through small study groups, and then to a deep word by word exploration of a chosen Upaniṣat through private  lessons.

The Upaniṣat are a vast range of teachings and my offerings in this area  are as if a pebble compared to a mountain. The Upaniṣat Freenotes aspect of the Yoga Studies website will offer a range of teachings around several Upaniṣat. These will be developed over time through added notes and commentaries from my in-depth, sometimes, word by word studies of various Upaniṣat with my teacher TKV Desikachar.

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They are offered with gratitude for what this learning has helped lead me towards.