Yoga Sūtra Chapter Four verse 8

ततः तद्विपाकानुग्णानामेवाभिव्यक्तिः वासनानाम् ॥८॥

tataḥ tat-vipāka-anuguṇānām-eva-abhivyaktiḥ vāsanānām ||8||

From that,
indeed the manifestation of latent impressions
that have similar qualities to the result.

tatas - hence, from thattat - that, thisvipāka - results; effect, result, consequence; ripening, maturing; digestion; conversion of food into a state for assimilationanuguṇa - similar qualitieseva - indeed, truly, really; thus; so, just so, exactly soabhivyakti - manifestation; distinctionvāsanā - latent impressions; the impression of anything remaining unconsciously in the mind; the act of perfuming

Commentaries and Reflections

Commentary by Paul Harvey:

Vāsanā is an unconscious motivation directed towards
satisfying a physiological or psychological need.”