Yoga Sūtra Chapter Four verse 33

क्षणप्रतियोगी परिणामापरान्त निर्ग्राह्यः क्रमः ॥३३॥

kṣaṇa-pratiyogī pariṇāma-aparānta nirgrāhyaḥ kramaḥ ||33||

The moment corresponding to the sequence
is permanently grasped when transformation ends.

kṣaṇa - moment, any instantaneous point of time, instant, twinkling of an eye; a moment regarded as a measure of timepratiyogīn - correspondingpariṇāma - transformation into; change, alteration, development, evolutionaparānta - ultimate end, deathnirgrāhya - permanently graspedkrama - a step; progressing step by step, a particular manner or method of reading and writing Vedic texts; sequence; order; series; regular arrangement; succession; in regular course; gradually, by degrees