Yoga Sūtra Chapter Four verse 32

ततः कृतार्थानं परिणामक्रमसमाप्तिर्गुणानाम् ॥३२॥

tataḥ kṛta-arthānāṃ pariṇāma-krama-samāptiḥ guṇānām ||32||

From that the purposes of the attributes of nature is done,
the sequence of transformation is concluded.

tatas - hence, from thatkṛta - done; made; accomplished; performedartha - purpose, aim; sense, meaning, notion; thing, objectpariṇāma - transformation into; change, alteration, development, evolutionkrama - a step; progressing step by step, a particular manner or method of reading and writing Vedic texts; sequence; order; series; regular arrangement; succession; in regular course; gradually, by degreessamāpti - conclusionguṇa - an ingredient or constituent or attribute of nature; a property or characteristic of all created things; qualities; a quality, peculiarity, attribute or property; the peculiar properties of the letters