Yoga Sūtra Chapter Four verse 29

प्रसंख्यानेऽप्यकुसीदस्य सर्वथा विवेकख्यातेः धर्ममेघस्समाधिः ॥२९॥

prasaṃkhyāne-api-akusīdasya sarvathā viveka-khyāteḥ dharma-meghaḥ samādhiḥ ||29||

Even disinterested in gaining omniscience,
recognition of discrimination at all times
is integration of cloud pouring integrity.

prasaṃkhyāna - omniscience, knowing; discriminative meditation, abstract contemplation; counting, enumerationapi - even, also, although; very; something more; moreoverakusīda - disinterested in gaining; taking no interest or usury, without gainsarvathā - in every way, at all timesviveka - discrimination, discernment; the faculty of distinguishing and classifying things according to their real properties; the power of separating the invisible Spirit from the visible world (or spirit from matter); truth from untruthkhyāti - recognition; perception, knowledgedharma - essential qualities, according to the nature of anything; highest duty; customary observance or prescribed conductmegha - cloud pouringsamādhi - putting together; communion; combining; integration

Commentaries and Reflections

Commentary by S Ramaswami:

“All Samādhi are included in Dharma Megha Samādhi. From Saṃprajñāta (Vitarka, Vicara, Ānanda, Asmitā) to Aaṃprajñāta.
Here the Yogi has understood the entire Prakṛti plus the distinction between Puruṣa and Prakṛti.
Even though he has Prasaṃkhyāne, he does not remain in this state.
Out of the constant Vivekakhyāteḥ comes Darmameghaḥsamādhiḥ or as Vyāsa says cloud that pours virtue.
Krishnamacarya says that the result of an orderly mind is happiness or peace. This a mind that is without any desires (i.e. Paravairāgya YS CI V16 Supreme detachment or indifference to the Gu) becomes happy.
Thus Dharma = Ānanda or Bliss.
Even with this body he gets highest bliss. He has the power but no desire to make use of it.
Among all the Samādhi, Dharmameghaḥ is the highest.
Previously there were still breaches in the Viveka due to Samskāra.
Now in Dharmameghaḥ Samādhi the Samskāra have been totally transformed.
There are no old Kleśa which can arise these have been burnt and replaced by Nirodha Samskāra.
From the viewpoint of Karma once could say that the storehouse of Karma and these Vāsana have undergone Pariṇāma and there is no longer any potential to act in them.
Dharmameghaḥ is unbreakabable discriminative knowledge, from that ensues complete stoppage of all activities.”