Yoga Sūtra Chapter Four verse 28

हानमेषां क्लेशवदुक्तम् ॥२८॥

hānaṃ eṣāṃ kleśavat-uktam ||28||

It is said the giving up of these
is as for the afflictions.

hāna - the act of abandoning, relinquishing, giving up, escaping, getting rid of; gone or departed; cessationeṣām - of these; of themkleśa - afflictions; distress; anguishukta - it is said

Commentaries and Reflections

Commentary by S Ramaswami:

“Thus it comes back to the practice of Samādhi or Saṃyama.
So when the breaks caused by Kleśa come in the are to be avoided. Here we are talking about working towards entire cessation. This Yogi is able to go into Samādhi easily but it needs to be constantly maintained.”