Yoga Sūtra Chapter Four verse 27

तच्छिद्रेषु प्रत्ययान्तराणि संस्कारेभ्यः ॥२७॥

tat-chidreṣu pratyaya-antarāṇi saṃskārebhyaḥ ||27||

In the breaks between that,
other psychic activity,
due to tendencies.

tat - that, thischidra - in the breaks / intervalspratyaya - psychic activityantara - othersaṃskāra - tendencies, psychological imprint, mental impression, habitual potency; making ready, preparation; a sacred or sanctifying ceremony

Commentaries and Reflections

TKV Desikachar:

When we act unconsciously we go back into the past.

The new is not as strong as the old.

Paul Harvey:

Feelings from the past remain eternally potent ravagers,
especially pervasive within the illusion of our present and
with it a tendency to recreate an old shape from our past,
whilst we are believing it to be a new shape for our future.