Yoga Sūtra Chapter Four verse 24

तदसङ्ख्येय वासनाभिः चित्रमपि परार्थम् संहत्यकारित्वात् ॥२४॥

tat-asaṃkhyeya-vāsanābhiḥ citram-api para-arthaṃ saṃhatya-kāritvāt ||24||

That, speckled with innumerable latent impressions,
also having quality of activity combined for a higher purpose.

tat - that, thisasaṃkhyeya - innumerable; an innumerable multitudevāsanā - latent impressions; the impression of anything remaining unconsciously in the mind; the act of perfumingcitra - variegated, spotted, speckledapi - even, also, although; very; something more; moreoverpara - higher, highest, supreme, chief; otherartha - purpose, aim; sense, meaning, notion; thing, objectsaṃhatya - joined, combined together withkāritva - quality of activity