Yoga Sūtra Chapter Four verse 23

द्रष्टृदृश्योपरक्तं चित्तं सर्वार्थम् ॥२३॥

draṣṭṛ-dṛṣya-uparaktaṃ cittaṃ sarva-artham ||23||

The all purpose psyche is coloured by the seer and the seen.

draṣṭṛ - seer; one who sees, one who sees welldṛśya - the seen; to be seen, visibleuparakta - dyed, coloured, coloured red; heated, inflamedcitta - psyche (the totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious); mind; heartsarva - whole, entire, all, every one; altogether, wholly, completely, in all parts, everywhereartha - purpose, aim; sense, meaning, notion; thing, object