Yoga Sūtra Chapter Four verse 22

चितेरप्रतिसंक्रमायाः तदाकारापत्तौ स्वबुद्धि संवेदनम् ॥२२॥

citeḥ apratisaṃkramāyāḥ tat-ākāra-āpattau sva-buddhi-saṃvedanam ||22||

Assuming that form of non-changing awareness,
experience of own comprehension.

cit - awareness, consciousness; to be aware of; to cause to comprehend, to observe; perceiveapratisaṃkrama - non-changing; having no intermixturetat - that, thisākāra - form / shapeāpatti - assumessva - own; one's self, one's own, my own, thy own, his own, her own, our own, their ownbuddhi - the intellectual faculty; comprehension; intelligence, discernment, judgementsaṃvedana - to fully experience; completely knowing