Yoga Sūtra Chapter Four verse 17

तदुपरागापेक्षित्वात् चित्तस्य वस्तुज्ञाताज्ञातं ॥१७॥

tat-uparāga-upekṣitvāt-cittasya vastu jñāta-ajñātam ||17||

That expectation which colours the psyche,
a substance may be known or not known.

tat - that, thisuparāga - coloursupekṣitvā - expectationcitta - psyche; mind; heartvastu - substancejñāta - knownajñāta - not known

Commentaries and Reflections

TKV Desikachar:

According to Patañjali (Yoga Sūtra C4 v17),
even when you have something in front of you, you may not see it.
Even when you don’t have something in front of you but you want to see it,
you will see it.
Everything depends on YOU.
You may think you have a question when in reality you don’t;
or you may not have a question but will find it as well as the answer.

According to Patañjali (Yoga Sūtra C4 v17), comprehension is dependent upon two things:
1. Your interest
2. The proximity of the object.
Apekṣā is the interest of the Puruṣa for the object.
The success of Dhyāna depends on the force (Śakti) of the Puruṣa
that pushes the mind to direct itself towards an object.
Without interest, there is no question and no answer.
If you have the interest, you will discover the proximity.