Yoga Sūtra Chapter Four verse 13

ते व्यक्तसूक्ष्माः गुणात्मानः ॥१३॥

te vyakta-sūkṣmāḥ guṇa-ātmānaḥ ||13||

These attributes of nature have visible and subtle essences.

te - these, of thee, they, thosevyakta - caused to appear, manifested, apparent, visible, evidentsūkṣma - subtle; atomic; intangibleguṇa - an ingredient or constituent or attribute of nature; a property or characteristic of all created things; qualities; a quality, peculiarity, attribute or property; the peculiar properties of the lettersātman - essence; the highest personal principle of life; the individual soul, self

Commentaries and Reflections

Commentary by S Ramaswami:

“The objects are made of the three Guṇa.

The basic ingredient is the Triguṇa. Objects continue to exist but they manifest themselves in one way or another.”