Yoga Sūtra Chapter Four verse 11

हेतुफलाश्रयालम्बनैःसंगृहीतत्वातेषामभावेतदभावः ॥११॥

hetu-phala-āśraya-ālambanaiḥ saṃgṛhītatvād-eṣām-abhāve tat-abhāvaḥ ||11||

Held together by cause, fruit, correspondence, support,
the non-appearance of these the non-appearance of that.

hetu - causephala - fruit; consequence, effect; result; retribution (good or bad), gain or loss, reward or punishment, advantage or disadvantageāśraya - correspondence; that to which anything is annexed, or with which anything is closely connected, or on which anything depends or rests; substratumālambana - supporting, resting onsaṃgṛhītatvā - connectioneṣām - of theseabhāva - non-appearance, non-existence, absencetat - that, this

Commentaries and Reflections

Commentary by TKV Desikachar:

What factors promote favourable Saṃskāra?

But Saṃskāra can be fed by Vāsanā.

Everything we do has an origin.

Nothing destroys Vāsana, only they become ineffective.

Commentary by Paul Harvey:

Until you can experience without the desire to repeat or reject it,
you are subject to the impact of Saṃskāra or tendencies from the past.