Yoga Sūtra Chapter Three verse 53

जातिलक्षणदेशैः अन्यतानवच्छेदात् तुल्ययोः ततः प्रतिपत्तिः ॥५३॥

jāti-lakṣaṇa-deśaiḥ anyatā-anavacchedāt-tulyayoḥ tataḥ pratipattiḥ ||53||

From that ascertainment of sameness,
not separated by difference, existence, characteristics, place.

jāti - the form of existence, existence; birth, production; re-birth; position assigned by birth, rank, caste, family, race, lineage; genuslakṣaṇa - a mark, sign, symbol, token, characteristic, attribute, quality; indicating, expressing indirectly; the act of aiming at, aim, goal, scope, object; a symptom or indication of diseasedeśa - place, point, region, spotanyatā - differenceanavaccheda - not separated; indistinctnesstulya - samenesstatas - hence, from thatpratipatti - ascertainment