Yoga Sūtra Chapter Three verse 52

क्षणतत्क्रमयोः संयमात् विवेकजंज्ञानम् ॥५२॥

kṣaṇa-tat-kramayoḥ samyamāt-viveka-jaṃ jñānam ||52||

From complete restraint on moment and sequence;
that knowing born of discrimination.

kṣaṇa - moment, any instantaneous point of time, instant, twinkling of an eye; a moment regarded as a measure of timetat - that, thiskrama - a step; progressing step by step, a particular manner or method of reading and writing Vedic texts; sequence; order; series; regular arrangement; succession; in regular course; gradually, by degreessaṃyama - complete restraintviveka - discrimination, discernment; the faculty of distinguishing and classifying things according to their real properties; the power of separating the invisible Spirit from the visible world (or spirit from matter); truth from untruthja - born or descended from; produced or caused by; arises out ofjñāna - knowing; knowledge; higher knowledge