Yoga Sūtra Chapter Three verse 48

ततो मनोजवित्वं विकरणभावः प्रधानजयश्च ॥४८॥

tataḥ manaḥ javitvaṃ vikaraṇa-bhāvaḥ pradhāna-jayaḥ ca ||48||

From that fleetness of mind,
becoming without instruments
and mastery over unevolved matter.

tatas - hence, from thatmanas - mind; that which objects of sense affect; the faculty or instrument through which thoughts enterjavitva - fleetnessvikaraṇa - without instrumentsbhāva - becoming, being, existing, occurring, appearancepradhāna - the principal or first, chief, head of, prime, major; the most important or essential part; unevolved or root of matter, original source; the creative principle of naturejaya - mastery; conquest, victory, triumph, winningca - and