Yoga Sūtra Chapter Three verse 45

ततोऽणिमादिप्रादुर्भावः कायसंपत् तद्धरानभिघात्श्च ॥४५॥

tataḥ aṇima-ādi-prādurbhāvaḥ kāya-saṃpat-tat-dharma-anabhigātaḥ ca ||45||

From that appearance of minuteness and so forth,
bodily perfection and not troubled by its essential qualities.

tatas - hence, from thataṇiman - minuteness, fine- ness, thinness; atomic nature; the superhuman power of becoming as small as an atomādi - in the beginning, at first; beginning, commencement; a firstling, first-fruits; beginning with, and so on; and the restprādurbhāva - appearancekāya - the bodysaṃpat - perfection, destinytat - that, thisdharma - essential qualities, according to the nature of anything; highest duty; customary observance or prescribed conductanabhighāta - not troubledca - and