Yoga Sūtra Chapter Three verse 44

स्थूलस्वरूपसूक्ष्मान्वयार्थवत्त्वसंयमात् भूतजयः ॥४४॥

sthūla-svarūpa-sūkṣma-anvaya-arthavattva-saṃyamāt-bhūta-jayaḥ ||44||

From complete restraint
grossness, own character, subtlety, connection, significance;
mastery of elements.

sthūla - gross, tangible, material; large, thick, stout, massive, bulky, big, hugesvarūpa - own character; own form or shape; own condition, peculiarity, character, naturesūkṣma - minute, small, fine, thin; acute, subtle, keen; an atom, intangible matter; the subtle all-pervading spirit, Supreme Soulanvaya - connectionarthavattva - significance, importancesaṃyama - complete restraintbhūta - material element, one of the 5 elements; that which is or exists, any living being; being or being like anything, consisting of, mixed or joined withjaya - mastery; conquest, victory, triumph, winning