Yoga Sūtra Chapter Three verse 39

उदानजयाअत् जलपण्खकण्टकादिष्वसङ्गोऽत्क्रान्तिश्च ॥३९॥

udāna-jayāt-jala-paṅka-kaṇṭaka-ādiṣu-asaṅgaḥ ukrāntiḥ ca ||39||

From mastery of the upward breath,
a going above and non-association with water, mud, thorns and so forth.

udāna - upward airjaya - mastery; conquest, victory, triumph, winningjala - waterpaṅka - mudkaṇṭaka - thornsādi - in the beginning, at first; beginning, commencement; a firstling, first-fruits; beginning with, and so on; and the restasaṅga - non-association, non-attachment, non-inclination; having no attachment or inclination for or interest in; free from ties, independent; moving without obstacle;ukrānti - going aboveca - and