Yoga Sūtra Chapter Three verse 35

सत्त्वपुरुषायोः अत्यन्तासंकीर्णयोः प्रत्ययाविशेषोभोगः परार्थत्वात्स्वार्थसंयमात् पुरुषज्ञानम् ॥३५॥

sattva-puruṣayoḥ atyanta-asaṃkīrṇayoḥ pratyaya-aviśeṣaḥ bhogaḥ para-arthatvāt sva-artha-saṃyamāt-puruṣa-jñānam ||35||

Clarity and animating principle, absolutely unblended;
worldly experience is indistinct psychic activities;
complete restraint on purpose due to other and on own purpose,
knowing of the animating principle.

sattva - clarity; the quality of transparency or purity; luminous; honesty; the quality of goodness; material or elementary substance, entity, matter; nature, disposition of mind; being, existence, entity, realitypuruṣa - animating principle, self, consciousness, spirit; a person, man, a human being; peopleatyanta - absolutely, completely, to the end; endless, unbroken, perpetual; permanencyasaṃkīrṇa - unblended; unmixedpratyaya - psychic activity; cause; conception, assumption, notion, idea; ground, basis, motive or cause of anythingaviśeṣa - indistinct, without any difference, uniformbhogā - worldly experience; enjoyment, eating, feeding onpara - higher, highest, supreme, chief; otherartha - purpose, aim; sense, meaning, notion; thing, objectsva - own; one's self, one's own, my own, thy own, his own, her own, our own, their ownsaṃyama - complete restraintjñāna - knowing; knowledge; higher knowledge