Yoga Sūtra Chapter Three verse 21

kāya-rūpa-saṃyamāt-tat-grāhya-śakti-stambhe cakṣuḥ prakāśa-asaṃprayoge-antar-dhānam ||21||

From complete restraint on form of body dissappearance;
that suspension of the power of what is to be grasped
is disengagement of the eye and light.

kāya - the bodyrūpa - formsaṃyama - complete restrainttat - that, thisgrāhya - that which is graspedśakti - power, energy; ability, capability; strength; might, effort;stambha - suspensioncakṣus - eyeprakāśa - brightnessasaṃprayoga - disengagementantardhāna - disappearance