Yoga Sūtra Chapter Three verse 18

संस्कारसाक्षात्करणात् पूर्वजातिज्ञानम् ॥१८॥

saṃskāra-sākṣāt-karaṇāt-pūrva-jāti-jñānam ||18||

Effecting directly seeing tendencies,
knowledge of previous existences.

saṃskāra - tendencies, psychological imprint, mental impression, habitual potency; making sacred, hallowing, consecration, making ready, preparation; a sacred or sanctifying ceremonysākṣāt - directly seeingkaraṇa - a helper, companion; instrument, means of action; doing, making, effecting, causing; the act of making, doing, producing, effectingpūrva - eastward, to the east of; in front, before; former, prior, preceding, previous to, earlier thanjāti - the form of existence, existence; birth, production; re-birth; position assigned by birth, rank, caste, family, race, lineage; genusjñāna - knowing; knowledge; higher knowledge