Yoga Sūtra Chapter Three verse 14

शानोदिताव्यपदेश्यधर्मानुपाती धर्मी ॥१४॥

śānta-udita-avyapadeśya-dharma-anupātī dharmī ||14||

The substratum corresponds to the past, uprisen
and undetermined essential qualities.

śānta - quiescent; appeased, pacified, tranquil, calm, free from passions, undisturbed; abated, subsided, ceased, stopped, extinguished, averted; gentle, mild, friendly, kind, auspiciousudita - uprisen, risen, ascended; spoken to, addressed; communicated, proclaimed, declared; taught, handed downavyapadeśya - undetermineddharma - essential qualities, according to the nature of anything; highest duty; customary observance or prescribed conductanupātin - following; corresponds to; following as a consequence or resultdharmīn - substratum