Yoga Sūtra Chapter Three verse 13

एतेन भूतेन्द्रियेषु धर्मलक्षणावस्था परिणामा व्याख्याताः ॥१३॥

etena bhūta-indriyeṣu dharma-lakṣaṇa-avasthā-pariṇāmā-vyākhyātāḥ ||13||

By this transformation is essential qualities,
characteristics and state in the elements and senses explained.

etena - by thisbhūta - element; living beingindriya - faculty of sense; sense; organ of sense; Organs of motor action and sensory perceptiondharma - essential qualities, according to the nature of anything; highest duty; customary observance or prescribed conductlakṣaṇa - characteristic, attribute; a symptom or indication of diseaseavasthā - state; to abide in a state or condition; to be found, exist, be presentpariṇāma - transformation into; change, alteration, development, evolutionvyākhyātā - explained; that explains or expounds