Yoga Sūtra Chapter Three verse 12

ततः पुनः शातोदितौ तुल्यप्रत्ययौ चित्तस्यैकाग्रतापरिणामः ॥१२॥

tataḥ punaḥ śānta-uditau tulya-pratyayau cittasya-ekāgratā-pariṇāmaḥ ||12||

Again from that transformation of one-pointedness in the psyche,
sameness of quiescent and uprisen psychic activities.

tatas - hence, from thatpunar - back, home, in an opposite direction; again and again, repeatedly; again, once moreśānta - quiescent; appeased, pacified, tranquil, calm, free from passions, undisturbed; abated, subsided, ceased, stopped, extinguished, averted; gentle, mild, friendly, kind, auspiciousudita - uprisen, risen, ascended; spoken to, addressed; communicated, proclaimed, declared; taught, handed downtulya - samenesspratyaya - psychic activity; cause; conception, assumption, notion, idea; ground, basis, motive or cause of anythingcitta - psyche (the totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious); mind; heartekāgratā - intentness in the pursuit of one object; close and undisturbed attentionpariṇāma - transformation into; change, alteration, development, evolution

Commentaries and Reflections

Commentary by T Krishnamacharya:

“The only change in this process is time.”