Yoga Sūtra Chapter Three verse 11

सर्वार्थताएकाग्रातयोः क्षयोदयौ चित्तस्य समाधिपरिणामः ॥११॥

sarva-arthatā-ekāgratayoḥ kṣaya-udayau cittasya samādhi-pariṇāmaḥ ||11||

Transformation to integration is a diminishing of all objects
and arising of one pointedness in the psyche.

sarva - whole, entire, all, every one; altogether, wholly, completely, in all parts, everywherearthatā - objectsekāgratā - intentness in the pursuit of one object; close and undisturbed attentionkṣaya - diminish, wasting or wearing awayudaya - arising; going up, rising; swelling up; coming forth, becoming visible, appearance, developmentcitta - psyche (the totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious); mind; heartsamādhi - putting together; communion; absorption; combining; integrationpariṇāma - transformation into; change, alteration, development, evolution