Yoga Sūtra Chapter Two verse 7

सुखानुशयी रागः ॥७॥

sukha-anuśayī rāgaḥ ||7||

Attraction is the consequence of happiness.

sukha - pleasure; happiness; agreeable; ease; comfortable; pleasantanuśayin - following upon, connected with as a consequencerāga - colour; attraction; passion, delight in; vehement desire of; attachment; a musical note, harmony, melody

Commentaries and Reflections

Commentary by T Krishnamacharya:

“The perception that something is desirable is Sukha.
This perception sets in motion an urge to possess it.
This is Rāga.
Whether what is desired will give a lasting happiness is a different matter.”

Commentary by TKV Desikachar:

Rāga is attraction to an object before you are aware of it.
An attraction whether you need it or not.
In its absence you crave for it.”

Rāga – Something in us needs to be satisfied.”

“The mind is like a glass through which we perceive.
When it is painted there is Rāga.
Often the painting colours what we see.
It is the colour of the mind that decides the quality of perception.”

Commentary by Paul Harvey:

Attachment is expecting pleasure.”

Rāga is more about passion
for the outcome rather than
passion for the action in itself.”

“Better not to mistake the feelings
arising from the movement away from
something undesirable, for the
feelings arising from the movement
towards something desirable.”

“The outer layer of meditative reflection,
as in Dhāraṇā, can reveal psychic symptoms,
which we might compare to the branches
of a tree, such as confused attractions,
confused aversions and the fear of loss.”