Yoga Sūtra Chapter Two verse 4

अविद्या क्षेत्रमुत्तरेषाम् प्रसुप्ततनुविच्छिन्नोदाराणाम् ॥४॥

avidyā kśetram-uttareṣāṃ prasupta-tanu-vicchinna-udārāṇām ||4||

Illusion is the field for the others whether
they are latent, attenuated, inconsistent or aroused.

avidyā - illusion; spiritual ignorance; connate misidentificationkśetra - the fielduttara - other; later, following, subsequent, latter, concluding, posteriorprasupta - latenttanū - attenuating, thinning, weakeningvicchinna - inconsistentudāra - aroused; exciting, effecting; active, energetic; rising fog or vapour

Commentaries and Reflections

Commentary by T Krishnamacharya:

All these Kleśa are variable in their potency.
They can be so weak, that they hardly matter.
Sometime they take a feeble form, when they can be easily contained.
If not they rise to dominance.  When in domination, only one takes over.
For example in the most evolved stage when Rāga is dominant, other Kleśa such as Dveṣa are not apparent.