Yoga Sūtra Chapter Two verse 29

यम नियमासन प्राणायाम प्रत्याहार धारणा ध्यान समाधयोऽष्टावङ्गानि ॥२९॥

yama-niyama-āsana-prāṇāyāma-pratyāhāra-dhāraṇā-dhyāna-samādhayaḥ aṣṭau-aṅgāni ||29||

Restraints, observances, posture, extending the breath,
withdrawal from the senses, concentration, meditation and integration
are the eight limbs.

yama - restraintsniyama - observances; restraint of the mind; a rule or precept; obligation; restraining, checking, holding backāsana - particular posture; sitting, sitting down; seat, place, stool; abiding, dwellingprāṇāyāma - extending the breathpratyāhāra - withdrawal from the sensesdhāraṇā - retaining, keeping back; collection or concentration of the mind; to exercise concentration; the act of holding, bearing, wearing, supporting, maintaining;dhyāna - meditation; mental representation of the personal attributes of a deitysamādhi - putting together; communion; combining; integrationaṣṭa - eightaṅga - a limb; the body