Yoga Sūtra Chapter Two verse 19

विशेषाविशेषलिङ्गमात्रालिङ्गानि गुणपर्वाणि ॥१९॥

viśeṣa-aviśeṣa-liṅga-mātra-aliṅgāni-guṇa-parvāṇi ||19||

The distinct, the indistinct, the manifest alone and the unmanifest
are the phases of the attributes of nature.

viśeṣa - distinction, difference between; a kind, species, individual; characteristic difference, peculiar mark, special property, speciality, peculiarityaviśeṣa - indistinct, without any difference, uniformliṅga - manifest; sign; gendermātrā - being nothing but, simply or merely; only; measure, quantity, sum, size, durationaliṅga - unmanifestguṇa - an ingredient or constituent or attribute of nature; a property or characteristic of all created things; qualities; a quality, peculiarity, attribute or property; the peculiar properties of the lettersparvan - phase