Yoga Sūtra Chapter Two verse 18

प्रकाशक्रियास्थितिशीलं भूतेन्द्रियात्मकं भोगापवर्गार्थं दृश्यम् ॥१८॥

prakāśa-kriyā-sthiti-śīlaṃ bhūta-indriya-ātmakaṃ bhoga-apavarga-arthaṃ dṛśyam ||18||

The seen has the qualities of brightness, activity and stay,
its nature is elements and senses,
taking the role of our essence
its purpose is worldly enjoyment and emancipation.

prakāśa - brightnesskriyā - activity; bodily activity; medical treatment or practicesthiti - staying or remaining or being in any state or condition; maintenance of life;śīla - naturebhūta - element; living beingindriya - faculty of sense; sense; organ of senseātmaka - taking the role of our essencebhogā - worldly experienceapavarga - emancipationartha - purpose, aim; meaning; thing, objectdṛśya - the seen

Commentaries and Reflections

Commentary by TKV Desikachar:

The world exists to set us free.

Commentary by Paul Harvey:

Yoga is not about not enjoying the world because we see it as it really is.
Rather it is seeing the world as it really is and still enjoying it.