Yoga Sūtra Chapter Two verse 12

क्लेशमूलः कर्माशयो दृष्टादृष्टजन्मवेदनीयः ॥१२॥

kleśa-mūlaḥ karma-āśayaḥ-dṛṣta-adṛṣta-janma-vedanīyaḥ ||12||

Afflictions, rooted in the deposits of actions,
are experienced in seen and unseen birth.

kleśa - afflictions; distress; anguishmūla - rootkarman - act, action, performance; work, labour, activity; any religious act or rite; organ of senseāśaya - seed, deposit; resting place; ‘stock’ or ‘the balance of the fruits of previous works, which lie stored up in the mind in the form of mental deposits of merit or demeritdṛṣṭa - seen, looked at, beheld, perceived, viewed, observed, noticed; visible, apparent, observable; considered, regarded; treated of; appearing, manifested; occurring, found; experienced, suffered, endured; seen in the mind, devised, imagined, learned,adṛṣta - unseenjanman - birth, production; re-birthvedanīya - experienced

Commentaries and Reflections

Commentary by T Krishnamacharya:

What effects Kleśa have on us?
They affect our actions and the results are evident sooner or later.
Further they decide, in spite of us, what we do and don’t.
Our actions will be beyond our control, so are the consequences.

Commentary by Paul Harvey:

“When seeking the power of the light,
take care lest we forget the power of our roots.”