Yoga Sūtra Chapter Two Closing Verse

इति पतञ्जल योग दर्षने साधनपादः

iti pātañjala yoga darśane sādhana-pādaḥ

Thus Patañjali’s view of Yoga in the section on the Means to accomplish.

iti - thus; in this manner; something that has been said or thought; having so said; (it is used like a quotation mark)patañjali - celebrated as a compiler of the yoga sūtra or as a grammarianyoga - the act of yokingdarśana - view; seeingsādhana - means to accomplish; leading straight to a goal; guiding well; furtheringpāda - section; a quarter, a fourth part; foot, leg; on foot; the act of locomotion

Commentaries and Reflections

Commentary by Paul Harvey:

“In the Yoga Sūtra,
a pre-eminent text on Dhyānam within Yoga.
Chapter One is about the Refinement of the practice of Dhyānam;
Chapter Two is about the Preparation for the practice of Dhyānam;
Chapter Three is about the Outcome of the practice of Dhyānam;
Chapter Four is about the Goal of the practice of Dhyānam.”