Yoga Sūtra Chapter One verse 5

वृत्तयः पञ्चतय्यः क्लिष्टाक्लिष्टाः ॥५॥

vṛttayaḥ pañcatayyaḥ kliṣṭa-akliṣṭāḥ ||5||

The fluctuations are fivefold and they afflict or don’t afflict.

vṛtti - fluctuation; modification; turned; set in motion, movement; professionpañcataya - fivefoldkliṣṭa - afflicted, tormented, distressedakliṣṭa - not afflicted, tormented, distressed

Commentaries and Reflections

T Krishnamacharya:

With discipline and modest fare.
Stay lean and keep the fire going in your belly.
Think of God and repeat his words
– silently and out loud.
If you want to be happy take up Yoga.
If you don’t; don’t.
Follow your Dharma.
Stay where you belong.
Sing songs and thank the sun every day.
Look sharp, a vagrant mind will lead you astray.
Practice, pay attention and be amazed.
Doubt burns up everything, including the doubter.
To banish it bow down to the Lord.

Paul Harvey:

These fluctuations fall into five groups
and can be helpful or unhelpful.

Inspirational Quote

“The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make heaven of Hell, and a hell of Heaven....” John Milton