Yoga Sūtra Chapter One verse 28

तज्जपः तदर्थभावनम् ॥२८॥

tat-japaḥ tat-artha-bhāvanam ||28||

That repetition is for cultivation of its purpose.

tat - that, thisjapa - repetitionartha - purpose, aim; sense, meaning, notion; thing, objectbhāvana - cultivation; imagining, fancying; forming in the mind; to occupy one's imagination with, conception

Commentaries and Reflections

Commentary by Paul Harvey:

“To realize its purpose,
practice repetition of sacred syllables.”

Bhakti Dhyānam uses Japa to build a bridge,
over the fear bringing streams of the mind.”

“The Yoga Sūtra become as if metaphysical Mantra,
when they can be an internal intonation,
as well as an external edification.”

Inspirational Quote

“Repetition of the same thought or physical action develops into a habit which, repeated frequently enough, becomes an automatic reflex.” Dr Norman Vincent Peale