Yoga Sūtra Chapter One verse 21

तीव्रसंवेगानामासन्नः ॥२१॥

tīvra-saṃvegānām-āsannaḥ ||21||

It is near for those with intense ardour.

tīvra - strong, pervading; intense, sharp, acute; sharpness, pungencysaṃvega - ardour; excitement; vehemence, intensity, high degree; desire of emancipationāsanna - nearness, vicinity, proximity

Commentaries and Reflections

Commentary by T Krishnamacharya:

“There are different grades of inclination and
possibility among those who are interested
to experience the state of Samādhi.”

Commentary by TKV Desikachar:

“This Sūtra explains,
with the next, the intensity of Śraddhā.
These two Sūtra allow that the
intensity of Śraddhā can be different.
To those who are very intense, Yoga is very close.
Thus, it can look like this Sūtra is very disappointing.
However we have to look at it relatively.
This Sūtra relates to the effect,
or the response to practice.
Thus, it is not practical to measure it
as it’s all relative to the individual.”

Commentary by Paul Harvey:

“The intensity of the ardour
determines the proximity.”

“In Sūtra 1.21 Patañjali introduces the concept of
Saṃvega as an essential quality in the cultivation
of access to an experiential presence of Śraddhā.
In relation to Yoga Sādhana what is Saṃvega for you?”

Inspirational Quote

“Children are remarkable for their intelligence and ardour, for their curiosity, their intolerance of shams, the clarity and ruthlessness of their vision.” Aldous