Yoga Sūtra Chapter One verse 17

वितर्कविचारानन्दास्मितारुपानुगमात्संप्रज्ञातः ॥१७॥

vitarka-vicāra-ānanda-asmitā-rūpa-anugamāt-saṃprajñātaḥ ||17||

Total knowing follows the form of gross deliberation,
subtle reflection, joy and the sense of ‘I’ am-ness.

vitarka - gross deliberation; negative deliberationvicāra - subtle reflectionānanda - joyasmitā - the sense of 'I' am-nessrūpa - formanugama - followssaṃprajñāta - total knowing

Commentaries and Reflections

Paul Harvey:

Total knowing follows the form of
deliberation on gross objects,
reflection on subtle objects,
the feeling of pure joy and
the sense of pure ‘I’ am-ness.

There are times when our Dhyāna feels like being merged with ones lover, a state full of presence, vibrancy, passion and bliss.
Tempting to want more of the same, however Yoga says we can’t have our bliss and want to repeat it.
Also Yoga reminds us that a state of bliss is different from and merely a stage towards a state of oneness.

Inspirational Quote

“What we do not understand we do not possess.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe