Yoga Sūtra Chapter One verse 17

वितर्कविचारानन्दास्मितारुपानुगमात्संप्रज्ञातः ॥१७॥

vitarka-vicāra-ānanda-asmitā-rūpa-anugamāt-saṃprajñātaḥ ||17||

Total knowing follows the form of gross deliberation,
subtle reflection, joy and the sense of ‘I’ am-ness.

vitarka - gross deliberation; negative deliberationvicāra - subtle or special reflectionānanda - happiness, joy, enjoyment, sensual pleasure; the thing wished forasmitā - egoity; the sense of 'I' am-nessrūpa - any outward appearance or phenomenon or colour; form, shape, figure; aggregate; ‘formed or composed of’, ‘consisting of’anugama - followssaṃprajñāta - distinguished, discerned, known accurately; completely known; total knowing

Commentaries and Reflections

Commentary by T Krishnamacharya:

Abhyāsa is the practice that leads to Viveka,
the state which there are no external distractions
to prevent clear perception.”

Commentary by Paul Harvey:

Insight follows the aggregate
of deliberation on the gross,
to reflection on the subtle,
resulting in a feeling of happiness,
culminating in a sense of oneness.”

Inspirational Quote

“What we do not understand we do not possess.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe