Yoga Sūtra Chapter One Title



The section on Integration.

samādhi - putting together; communion; combining; integrationpāda - section; a quarter, a fourth part; foot, leg; on foot; the act of locomotion

Commentaries and Reflections

Commentary by T Krishnamacharya:

“The Yoga Sūtra is divided into four chapters.
The first chapter called Samādhi Pādaḥ assumes the aspirant has progressed adequately to be in a state called Samāhita.
Such a person is not easily agitated. They have a clearer perception to comprehend concepts such as Īśvara and Vairāgya.”

Commentary by Paul Harvey:

“The Section on the assimilation
of what thinks it perceives,
with the source of perception.”

“In the Yoga Sūtra, the pre-eminent text on Dhyānam within Yoga.
Chapter One is about the Refinement of the practice of Dhyānam;
Chapter Two is about the Preparation for the practice of Dhyānam;
Chapter Three is about the Outcome of the practice of Dhyānam;
Chapter Four is about the Goal of the practice of Dhyānam.”

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