Sāṃkhya Kārikā verse 9

asat-akaraṇāt-upādãna-grahaṇāt sarva-saṃbhavā-abhāvāt | 

śaktasya śakyakaraṇāt kāraṇa-bhāvāt-ca sat-kāryam ||

asat - unreal; wrongakaraṇa - not making, effectingupādāna - cause, motive, material cause; material of any kind; the act of taking for one's self, appropriating to one's self; grasping at or clinging to existencegrahaṇa - the process of graspingsarva - allsaṃbhava - production, springing up, arising, existence; cause, reason, occasionabhāva - non-appearance, non-existence, absenceśakta - able, competent for, equal to, capable ofśakya - able, possible, practicable, capable of being,karaṇa - making, effectingkāraṇa - reasons, causebhāva - becoming, being, existing, occurring, appearanceca - andsat - that which really is, entity or existence, essence, the true being or really existent; that which is good or real or true, good, advantage, reality, truthkārya - to be made or done or practised or performed, practicable, feasible