Sāṃkhya Kārikā verse 72

saptatyāṃ kila ye arthāḥ te arthāḥ kṛtsnasya ṣaṣṭitantrasya | ākhyāyikā-virahitāḥ paravāda-vivarjitāḥ ca-api ||

saptati - seventykila - indeed, verily, assuredlyye - theseartha - purpose, aim; sense, meaning, notion; thing, objectte - these, of thee, they, thoseṣaṣṭitantra - the doctrine of 60 conceptions or ideasākhyāta - recited, said, told, declared, made knownvirahita - devoid of, exempt from, bereft of, destitute of, free fromparavāda - objection, controversy; the talk of others; the opponent in controversyvivarjita - entirely free or exempt from, withoutca - andapi - even, also, although; very; something more; moreoverkṛtsna - all, whole, entire; totality, completeness