Sāṃkhya Kārikā verse 68

prāpte śarīrabhede caritārthatvāt pradhāna vinivṛtteḥ | aikāntikam ātyaṅtikam ubhayaṃ kaivalyaṃ prāpnoti ||

prāpte - when arrived; having attainedśarīra - the body, bodily frame, solid parts of the bodybheda - dividing, breaking, splitting, cleaving, rending, tearing, piercing; distinction, difference, kind, sort, species, variety; separation, division, partition, part, portioncarita - gone, gone to, attained; practised; acting, doing, practicearthavattva - significance, importancepradhāna - the principal or first, chief, head of, prime, major; the most important or essential part; unevolved or root of matter, original source; the creative principle of naturevinā - withoutvṛtti - fluctuation; modification; turning; set in motion, course of action, behaviour, movement; activity, function; profession, mode of life or conduct, course of action, behaviouraikāntika - absolute, necessary, complete, exclusiveatyanta - absolutely, completely, to the end; endless, unbroken, perpetual; permanencyubhaya - bothkaivalya - independence, freedom, emancipation, solitude, isolation, aloneness, separateness, abstraction, not connected with anything else; uncompounded, unmingledprāpnoti - to obtain, get