Sāṃkhya Kārikā verse 65

tena nivṛttapraśavā arthavaśāt sapta rūpa vinivṛttām |
prakṛtiṃ paśyati puruṣaḥ prekṣakavat avasthitaḥ svacchaḥ ||

tena - in that manner, thusnivṛtti - cessation; non-movementartha - purpose, aim; sense, meaning, notion; thing, objectsapta - sevenrūpa - any outward appearance or phenomenon or colour; form, shape, figure; aggregate; ‘formed or composed of’, ‘consisting of’vinā - withoutvṛtti - fluctuation; modification; turning; set in motion, course of action, behaviour, movement; activity, function; profession, mode of life or conduct, course of action, behaviourprakṛti - the original producer of the material world; nature or process of matter; nature, character, constitution, temper, dispositionpuruṣa - animating principle, self, consciousness, spirit; a person, man, a human being; peopleavasthā - state; to abide in a state or condition; to be found, exist, be present