Sāṃkhya Kārikā verse 52

na vinā bhāvaiḥ liṅgaṃ na vinā liṅgena bhāva nirvṛttiḥ | liṅgena bhāva-ākhyaḥ tasmāt dvedhā pravartate sargaḥ ||

na - no; not; nor, neithervinā - withoutbhāva - becoming, being, existing, occurring, appearanceliṅga - manifest; sign; gendernivṛtti - cessation; non-movementākhyā - to tell, communicate, inform, declare, announce; appellation, name; to cause to telltasmāt - from that, on that account, thereforedvidha - twofold, divided in 2, split asunder, forkedpravarta - engaging in, undertakingsarga - emission or creation of matter, primary creation, creation of the world; a created being, creature; letting go, discharging, voiding