Sāṃkhya Kārikā verse 49

ekādaśa iṅdriya-vadhāḥ saha buddhi vadhaiḥ aśaktiḥ uddiṣṭā | saptadaśa vadhāḥ buddheḥ viparyayāt tuṣṭi siddhīnām ||

ekādaśa - consisting of eleven; the eleventhindriya - faculty of sense; sense; organ of sense; organs of motor action and sensory perceptionvadhā - a defect, imperfectionsaha - accompanybuddhi - the intellectual faculty; comprehension; intelligence, discernment, judgementaśakti - inability, incapabilityuddiṣṭā - mentioned, particularized, specially told; described; said to besaptadaśa - consisting of seventeen; connected with seventeen; having seventeen attributesviparyaya - wrong perception, misapprehension, error, mistake; intrinsic misconception; reversed, inverted, perverse, contrary totuṣṭi - satisfaction, contentmentsiddhi - accomplishment, performance, fulfilment, attainment, success; the hitting of a mark; coming into force, validity; any unusual skill or faculty or capability; the acquisition of supernatural powers by magical means or the faculty so acquired