Sāṃkhya Kārikā verse 47

pañca viparyaya bhedāḥ bhavaṅti aśaktiḥ ca karaṇa vaikalyāt | aṣṭāvimśāti bhedāḥ tuṣṭiḥ navadhā aṣṭadhā siddhiḥ ||

pañca - fiveviparyaya - wrong perception, misapprehension, error, mistake; intrinsic misconception; reversed, inverted, perverse, contrary tobheda - dividing, breaking, splitting, cleaving, rending, tearing, piercing; distinction, difference, kind, sort, species, variety; separation, division, partition, part, portionbhava - re-emerge; coming into existence; birth; productionasakta - free from ties, independent; unattached or indifferent toca - andkaraṇa - a helper, companion; instrument, means of action; doing, making, effecting, causing; the act of making, doing, producing, effectingvaikalya - imperfection, weakness, defectiveness, defect, frailtyaṣṭāviṁśati - twenty-eighttuṣṭi - satisfaction, contentmentnava - nineaṣṭa - eightsiddhi - accomplishment, performance, fulfilment, attainment, success; the hitting of a mark; coming into force, validity; any unusual skill or faculty or capability; the acquisition of supernatural powers by magical means or the faculty so acquired