Sāṃkhya Kārikā verse 45

vairāgyat prakṛtilayaḥ saṃsāro bhavati rājasāt rāgāt | aiśvaryāt avighātaḥ viparyayāt tad viparyāsaḥ ||

vairāgya - dispassion, disinclination, detachment, non-attachment; indifference to worldly objects and to lifeprakṛti - the original producer of the material world; nature or process of matter; nature, character, constitution, temper, dispositionsaṃsāra - course, passage, passing through a succession of states, circuit of mundane existence, transmigration, metempsychosis, the world, secular life, worldly illusion; going or wandering through, undergoing transmigrationbhava - re-emerge; coming into existence; birth; productionrajas - excitingrāga - colour; attraction; passion, delight in; vehement desire of; attachment; a musical note, harmony, melodyaiśvarya - the state of being a mighty lord, sovereignty, supremacy, power, sway; superhuman power (either perpetual or transient, consisting, according to some, of the following eight: aṇiman, laghiman, mahiman, prāpti, prākāmya, vaśitva, īśitva, kāmāvasāyitva)avighāta - no hindrance or obstacle; unimpededviparyaya - wrong perception, misapprehension, error, mistake; intrinsic misconception; reversed, inverted, perverse, contrary totad - that, this