Sāṃkhya Kārikā verse 39

sūkṣmāḥ mātāpitṛjāḥ saha prabhūtaiḥ tridhā viśeṣāḥ syuḥ | sūkṣmāḥ teṣāṃ niyatāḥ mātā pitṛjāḥ nivartaṇte ||

sūkṣma - subtle; atomic; intangiblemātā - motherpitṛ - father; the fathers; ancestorsja - born or descended from; produced or caused by; arises out ofsaha - accompanyprabhūta - come forth, risen, appearedtridhā - in 3 ways, in 3 parts, in 3 placesviśeṣa - distinction, difference between; a kind, species, individual; characteristic difference, peculiar mark, special property, speciality, peculiaritysyuḥ - ought to be; should be; areteṣām - of those, amongst them; all of themniyata - Fixed, permanent, constant, steady; always, constantly, decidedly, inevitably, surelynivartaṇte - are perishable; finite