Sāṃkhya Kārikā verse 35

śāntaḥ karaṇaṃ buddhiḥ sarvaṃ viṣayam avagāhate yasmāt | tasmāt trividhaṃ karaṇaṃ dvāri dvārāṇi śeṣāṇi ||

śānta - quiescent; appeased, pacified, tranquil, calm, free from passions, undisturbed; abated, subsided, ceased, stopped, extinguished, averted; gentle, mild, friendly, kind, auspiciouskaraṇa - a helper, companion; instrument, means of action; doing, making, effecting, causing; the act of making, doing, producing, effectingbuddhi - the intellectual faculty; comprehension; intelligence, discernment, judgementsarva - whole, entire, all, every one; altogether, wholly, completely, in all parts, everywhereviṣaya - an object of sense; anything perceptible by the senses; any object of affection or concern or attentionavagāhate - to be absorbed, absorbsyasmāt - from whichtasmāt - from that, on that account, thereforetrividha - three folddvāri - doorkeeperdvārāṇi - the doors of the bodyśeṣa - remainder, that which remains or is left, leavings, residue, surplus, balance, the rest