Sāṃkhya Kārikā verse 33

antaḥ karaṇaṃ trividhaṃ daśadhā bāhyaṃ trayasya viṣayākhyam | sāmpratakālaṃ bāhyaṃ trikālam ābhyantaraṃ karaṇam ||

antar - internalkaraṇa - a helper, companion; instrument, means of action; doing, making, effecting, causing; the act of making, doing, producing, effectingtrividha - three folddaśadhā - tenfold, in ten partsbāhya - external; being outside, situated without, outer, exterior; diverging from, conflicting with, opposed to, having nothing to do with; not belonging to the family or country, strange, foreign; excluded from caste or the community, an out-castetraya - the three, triple, threefold, consisting of 3, of 3 kindsviṣaya - an object of sense; anything perceptible by the senses; any object of affection or concern or attentionsāmpratakāla - the present timetrikālam - the 3 times; relating to themābhyantara - internal, being inside, interior, inner